Product Description

Detoxifying Complex precisely targets the urban environment and lifestyle: pollution, smoke, blue light, stress which lead to skin premature aging. Intensive Complexes consist of Essential Oils and Trace Elements, which can then be combined in personally prescribed quantities to create a unique beauty solution for each client’s skin. Essential Oils – aromatic oils obtained from plants that heal and sooth the skin and work on the deeper most layers of the skin. Trace Elements – minerals required by the body in minute quantities for the growth and health of the skin and body. They are catalysts to essential oils by enhancing the effects of aromatherapy and replacing vital elements in the skin lost due to age, stress and lifestyle.



At night: use on their own. Blend in palm of hand prior to application: 2 drops of Essential Oils + 2 drops of Trace Elements appropriate to your needs. In the morning: To intensify and customize the action of the masks and toner. Blend in palm of hand immediately prior to application: 2 drops of Essential Oils + 2 drops of Trace Elements a small amount of mask (Cream, Gel or Mineral) or toner.



The synergy of essential oils and trace elements work to fight free radicals and reinforce the skin self-defence.



Essential oils (Grapefruit, Rosemary, Peppermint, Carrot): anti-pollution and anti-oxidant barriers.
Oligo elements (Zinc, Algae, Seawater): reinforce the skin’s protective barrier and refine the pores.
Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.