This promotional package is designed for anyone PRE & POST holidaying in the Sun. This signature skin-sloughing treatment packs an impressive amount of pampering in one compact hour & 20 minutes. 

The roots of Thai massage date back to the founder of the practice, Shivago Komarpaj, known as Father Doctor. He was a doctor and friend to the Buddha. Ancient medical texts were carved in stone to preserve the tradition of Thai massage and these can be seen upon the walls in the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.

The ancient knowledge and practice of Thai massage has been passed down from generation to generation continuing to benefit these traditional techniques. 

This deeply relaxing and restorative treatment begins with a FULL BODY exfoliation to buff away dead skin cells, leaving skin wonderfully soft, and smooth to the touch.

Millions of years ago, pristine seawater was crystallized and covered by lava, protecting it from modern day pollution. Infused with over 80 minerals, our Ytsara Pink Himalayan salts deliver its pure nutrients while gently smoothing your skin together with Shatangju, a key aid in the release of toxins and trapped fluids whilst Rosemary and Sweet Orange stimulate the metabolism further. Oils of Rice Bran, Sweet Almond, Soy and Wheat germ help to support healthier skin.

The warming elements of our Thermal – Hamman Suite creates a mesmerising sensation and elevate the spirits further which follows where one can totally lose themselves.   We continue with a bespoke oleation to the body which is followed by a signature Back Neck & Shoulder massage with blended oils just right for your needs, targeting the hotspots of the shoulders neck and head. Concluding with a Thai Head Poultice massage with a difference, this focuses on pressure points correlating to the body’s chakras. This treatment promotes the whole body’s energy flow and organic coconut oil and a warm poultice further evokes relaxation with a finale to one’s hair of a deeply conditioning hair wrap that intensely nourishes.

Complimentary Glass of Prosecco & Strawberries.