Refresh your body, mind & spirit. In traditional Chinese medicine, Shatangju is a key aid in the release of toxins and trapped fluids. Rosemary and Sweet Orange stimulate the metabolism. Oils of Rice Bran, Sweet Almond, Soy and Wheat germ help to support healthier skin.

Benefits: Detoxifies – Stimulates metabolism – Purifies the blood – Recharges energy levels

For Skin Type: Excess fatigue – Pains – Inflammations – Weak immune system

Usage: Fill the bath with warm water and spray Inner Reset Soak onto the surface until the water turns milky. To enhance the holistic benefit, practice rhythmic breathing (Savitri Pranayama) while in the bath

Key Ingredients: Shatangju, Rosemary, Sweet Orange

Size: 3.4 fl oz, 100 ml