2 persons only @ £190.00 – 95.00 p.p

The Japanese approach to wellness stems from nature and the concept of balance & harmony to one’s body mind and spirit. As part of the constant changes to evolve in the Spa Industry even further, The Boutique Wellness Spa brings you the opportunity to indulge in an uniquely created Spa treatment designed to improve blood and lymph circulation to energise while working on balancing each organ to bring back energy to the body’s centre, resulting in deep relaxation, purification, detoxification and clearing of body  mind & Spirit.

This journey commences with a complete body ritual of Japanese Red rice to the body to exfoliate and beautify.  Your body will be polished to perfection and your skin as smooth as silk.   You then immerse yourself in the private Hammam Suite to fully optimise the active ingredients that will have signs of fatigue disappearing making you feel truly and utterly relaxed.

You then embark on a journey to further enhance your wellbeing.  Using authentic hot oils that are100% Natural this treatment combines stretching and aligning movements with Japanese and Western techniques to the whole body bringing new experiences to body-conditioning and relaxation massage.

Making a lasting impression a platter of Sushi with a glass of Sparking Wine, is served to conjure up everything Japanese.