Starting from February 10th 2024 (Chinese New Year), When we enter THE Year of the DRAON – THE WOOD DRAGON) and ending on  January 28, 2025. (Chinese New Year’s Eve). The sign of Wood Dragon is a symbol of calmness, loyalty, and reliability and Dragons endowed with prominent abilities.

Health and Well-being

The Wood Dragon is a symbol of vitality, strength, and resilience. It represents the ability to maintain health, wellness, and balance in life.

The Wood Dragon also influences health and well-being, as it encourages you to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. In 2024,

you might experience positive effects on your health and well-being,
as you adopt healthier habits, lifestyle changes, or wellness trends.
You might also experience more energy, vitality, and happiness in your life,
as you align your well-being with the astrological energies.

Some wellness trends and lifestyle changes you might consider are:

– Practicing yoga, meditation, or mindfulness
– Eating organic, plant-based,or superfoods
– Using natural,holistic,or alternative therapies
– Engaging in physical,mental,or creative activities
– Spending time in nature,traveling,or relaxing

A treatment designed to keep your immune system strong and designed to dispel negative energy and ground your body’s natural defence mechanisms, leaving you totally relaxed, renewed, refreshed and revitalised utilising 100% of the Mother Earth’s natural resources.

We begin this luxurious treatment with an exceptional multifaceted uplifting and refreshing back cleanse and exfoliation with Renewing Body Polish, softening and polish your back to prepare your skin for an aromatic nourishing Black Mulberry extract mask.  While the mask works it’s magic, enjoy either a foot massage or scalp massage using Accupressure which will keep immune systems strong.  You then immerse yourself in the glorious private Thermal Glacial Suite for 30 minutes which is followed & concluded with a hands on massage to your Back Neck and Shoulders while the infusion of Chinese Mandarin is drizzled and immersed onto you Back, Neck and Shoulders, easing away aches and tension whilst reawakening your senses.

Asian Tea with sweet treats if offered together with a traditional Lucky Asian Gift//LAI.

Price £99.99 per person